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Jul 2015
Jul 17 2015 02:41

hifi: #20462 Implement avatar inventory concept

Let me help concept here.
Im not involved enough to encoraje myself to bid my Ideas on this Project.
But see this grafics.
As you see Microsoft is up yet with 80%. Overpriced Apple is not for everyone.
Please. Consider not making same mistakes of sl.
Using a more familiar approach like Windows Explorer and sincronization for let users feel free of lag, is priority.

Everyone loves the way you can deal with Windows explorer.
In my in-field time, I felt Second Life Inventory is really messed up by the lag of the serves.
It doesnt need to be like this again. OK? Like database, lock, do it locally and commit to the server would be a simple solution. Let us not let the limitatios mess up with the organization. Everyone in deep there love organize data. Windows explorer is yet the lead. Lets copy this funcionality and speed.

That click on Windows explorer, and automatically opens the Interface and begin install the package inside. That funcionality I'm talking about.
Jul 17 2015 03:18
Sigh. Time zone.