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Aug 2015
Nandita D
Aug 23 2015 11:40
Hello Headclot
Lars Næsbye Christensen
Aug 23 2015 15:12
Hey everyone - are there plans for i18n, using lupdate and Qt Linguist? I did a pull request for a very preliminary Danish version of Interface, but how do we go about this?
Seth Alves
Aug 23 2015 15:15
Hi larsnaesbye -- we saw that pull request, and I suspect it will get merged. We've been waiting to ask the guys who know most about Qt.
Is there any danger of a bunch of translations slowing down the UI or anything?
Lars Næsbye Christensen
Aug 23 2015 15:15
@sethalves : Cool, thanks.
As far as I know, translations can be sped up significantly by compiling to another format.
'lupdate' compiles the .ts files by analysing the C++ code. Then translators update the localised files accordingly in Qt Linguist. The bit about compiling to the allegedly faster format is something I don't know much about - yet :)