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Sep 2015
Christoph Haag
Sep 16 2015 12:28 UTC
Is there any documentation on the progress of OpenVR and OSVR integration? There's no code for OSVR in the repository and some for OpenVR, but is it worth testing yet?
Anthony Thibault
Sep 16 2015 17:52 UTC
We use OpenVR for HTC Vive support only at the moment. The menu option to select it won't even show up unless you have a Vive attached.
Even though the Valve OpenVR SDK does support Oculus, it is not updated that frequently, so It's usually one or two SDK versions behind. We have native support for oculus, which gives us control over exactly which oculus SDK version we use. (at the moment, which should work with both the 0.6 and 0.7 runtime)
OSVR, we've got nothing. Although we have a display plugin system, so adding support is possible.
Christoph Haag
Sep 16 2015 18:07 UTC
I ask because the Oculus Rift SDK is very buggy on the mesa drivers on linux: There's a workaround for that one, but now there are several programs that only render completely black, including highfidelity. Considering the closed & proprietary path oculus has been taking lately I don't think much effort should put into it to make it work when there are alternatives.
Christoph Haag
Sep 16 2015 18:23 UTC
With the latest release OSVR with the oculus rift plugin is starting to work really easily and well, e.g. positional tracking demo and a small demo application with distortion (but without positional tracking being hooked up I think). OpenVR is only sort of an open spec while OSVR is fully open, so OSVR is obviously my favorite.