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Oct 2015
Lars Næsbye Christensen
Oct 15 2015 11:13
i10n question: can anyone rebuild the Interface source file (interface_en.ts) and merge it? I'd like to continue working on the Danish localization.
Anthony Thibault
Oct 15 2015 18:20
@larsnaesbye I made a PR, someone will review it soon. highfidelity/hifi#6088
The translation file is far from complete tho, there are many strings missing... We'll try to fix that at some point.
Lars Næsbye Christensen
Oct 15 2015 20:24
@hyperlogic Thank you so much. I know it's going to take a long time to make it all work - that's exactly why I think we should start :)
The obsolete entries - are they entries where the reference can no longer be found?