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Oct 2015
Anthony Thibault
Oct 16 2015 00:31
At the moment the obsolete entries are still in the string list. There's an option to delete them, but the default usage of lupdate is to leave them in.
Yeah, basically the obsolete entries are no longer found in the cpp or qml, for whatever reason
Lars Næsbye Christensen
Oct 16 2015 07:27
Great. We'll just skip those for the time being and focus on the ones that are present in code.
Oct 16 2015 19:50
is there a way to look up a users UUID with the api?
Howard Stearns
Oct 16 2015 21:06
@CrackerHax: What would you then do with the UUID? What’s the use case?
Oct 16 2015 23:20
that's classified
but i would use it to authenticate users