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Jun 2016
David Rowe
Jun 02 2016 01:01
Running one's own build of domain server and assignment client on Windows ... where are the log files written to?
Clément Brisset
Jun 02 2016 01:04
If I remember correctly, it's AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity\server-console\Logs
David Rowe
Jun 02 2016 01:17
That's where Stack Manager puts its logs but running local build from build directory seems not to put them there unfortunately
David Rowe
Jun 02 2016 01:22
Yeah, I think Stack Manager must just monitor stdout and log that, whereas domain server .exe itself doesn't write log files
Clément Brisset
Jun 02 2016 01:23
Yeah, unless you specifically pass a log-directory when running the command, it'll just output to the terminal.
    if (!logDirectory.isEmpty()) {
        _wantsChildFileLogging = true;
        _logDirectory = QDir(logDirectory);
    if (_wantsChildFileLogging) {
        // Setup log files
        const QString DATETIME_FORMAT = "";

        if (!_logDirectory.exists()) {
            qDebug() << "Log directory (" << _logDirectory.absolutePath() << ") does not exist, creating.";

        nowString = QDateTime::currentDateTime().toString(DATETIME_FORMAT);
        stdoutFilenameTemp = QString("ac-%1-stdout.txt").arg(nowString);
        stderrFilenameTemp = QString("ac-%1-stderr.txt").arg(nowString);
        stdoutPathTemp = _logDirectory.absoluteFilePath(stdoutFilenameTemp);
        stderrPathTemp = _logDirectory.absoluteFilePath(stderrFilenameTemp);

        // reset our output and error files
Jun 02 2016 17:19
Seems t
Seems to be a problem with some of the USB audio system when you have more than one device on a server.