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Jun 2016
Jun 08 2016 17:12
@Freidrica aoighost
I'm trying to bid on the bullet physics and vehicle physics scripting, but your system isn't letting me.
And now other people are bidding on them and I can't because your system is fucked.
Jun 08 2016 18:33
Uhh, stupid question, how does one get to the sandbox from a compiled build?
Jun 08 2016 18:40
Rereading the code, are you seriously not going entity component based design?
I see mention of entities, but it all looks hard coded.
RealXtend did it properly, drag in components to a empty entity
Reading the code, crap...
Well, I'm going to have to scrap the physics and vehicle stuff for now. This needs to change or it's going to fuck you down the line. Proper EC models are critical for modern dev.
Think about how Unity3D handles it.
Vehicles and everything else will fail hard if this isn't fixed.