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Jun 2016
Jun 12 2016 07:36
Hi! Newbie question: I've just set up hifi server on google computing engine (using .deb package with a simple docker file )
Connecting with OSX Interface client (binary, downloaded from the website) shows this on server: Packet version mismatch on 31 (DomainConnectRequest) - Sender sent 18 but 19 expected.
looking at the code it seems to be a mismatch between HasHostname vs HasProtocolVersions in DomainConnectRequestVersion. should I rebuild the latest checkout on OSX ?
Jun 12 2016 07:43
Interface client logs says "Protocol version mismatch - Domain version: 192"
hmm I see a fascinating new setting "Send wrong DS connect version" — giving it a try
Jun 12 2016 13:08
OK, that worked, had to tune the install process a bit; sent a pull request.
Jun 12 2016 13:49
found a problem with the software not showing the right number users online many times it showing zero when it's actually more users online then zero