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Jun 2016
Brad Hefta-Gaub
Jun 17 2016 01:31
@BillWindwalker re: " going to entity list highlighting an object an entity list It permits you to delete the object even if it's not your own object on another server" - couple of important things to understand. 1) There isn't actually the concept of you being the "owner" of an object in the sense that you created it and so you are the owner and only person who can edit or delete it. Instead the domain operator controls which users can do what types of operations to entities on the domain. 2) In general the default settings is to allow any user to create, edit, and even delete most entities. You can lock an entity, and then only a user with the rights to "adjust locks" can unlock the entity and edit or delete it. So it's expected that if the entity is not locked, and the domain operator allows edits of entities, then you can delete that entity even if you're visiting that domain.
Jun 17 2016 02:38
Well that's just it the owner didn't allow editing of his area but through the through the entity list you can edit or you could have I have not tested this latest fix I'll let you know