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Jun 2016
Bradley Austin Davis
Jun 20 2016 05:34
@aoighost I've made the argument in the past that object definitions should be more freeform and less hierarchical, usually couched in terms of using aspect oriented programming. I think it would make the creation of new types much easier, as well as enable the concept of taking an existing type and building on it.
however, doing this kind of refactor as a side project, even as only a proof of concept is pretty ambitious. The current hierarchical scheme is baked directly into the code in so many places.
I think the first thing you'd need to do is to decouple entity definitions from entity serialization. Right now every field in an entity gets assigned a hard coded numeric value, so that when we're sending entity updates the resulting packets can be as small as possible.
Bradley Austin Davis
Jun 20 2016 05:40
The alternative I've been thinking of would be to create a modified version of BSON that included some kind of vocabulary negotiation, so that you could still translate field names into numeric values, but do so without either side knowing ahead of time what the full set of field names were.
Jun 20 2016 15:26
I'm starting to think this is like making a 3D Maya movie especially with all the shooters involved