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Aug 2016
Aug 16 2016 14:55
@cjd22 Hi Ryan. I have tried to build the solution as instructed with Visual Studio 2013 and I am now getting 170 errors asking me to upgrade the solution as in The build tools for v140 (Platform Toolset = 'v140') cannot be found. Should I upgrade or will this then be a Visual Studio 2015 solution and I will be back to square one. Please advise.
Aug 16 2016 19:40
@huffman Hi Ryan. I built the project again from scratch. It created the solution OK. I did a build from the ALL_BUILD project. I have 41 succeeded, 29 failed. The errors are mostly the same error C2535: 'gpu::Batch::Param::Param(size_t)' : member function already defined or declared (C:\hifi\libraries\gpu\src\gpu\Shader.cpp). Should the project build without any errors ?
Ryan Huffman
Aug 16 2016 20:50
@cjd22 Do you have the latest code?
I would pull the latest just in case
Then rerun cmake with the same command