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Aug 2016
Aug 24 2016 08:56
@huffman Thanks Ryan. That worked perfectly. I was looking in the source files. I am now trying to implement a fly cam which flies around the avatar in a 360 degree circle at the press of a key. Do you any hints or tips to implement this ? Thanks :)
Ryan Huffman
Aug 24 2016 16:37
@cjd22 The easiest way would be to write a script that registers for a key event, and when it is pressed, put the camera in "independent" mode and adjust the position/rotation to rotate around the avatar. You can use Script.update or Script.setInterval to setup functions that get called at a regular interval
The docs might help, although they aren't complete:
Aug 24 2016 19:56
@huffman Thanks Ryan. Are there any tutorials on how to write scripts.
You would want to create a "client script"