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Nov 2016
Danfox Davies
Nov 10 2016 10:16
I was trying to log into localhost. Curiously, the problem is different now I have enabled the NVidia driver.
(I was on the Nouveau driver before)
I now seem able to access the welcome area, but only fleetingly before my avatar seems to zone out and everything gets redrawn, repeatedly.
I don't have a login yet because I'm not sure where to create one.
Danfox Davies
Nov 10 2016 10:55
Okay, so now I am logging in there is an error decrypting username signature...
Danfox Davies
Nov 10 2016 11:06
[11/10 11:00:44] [WARNING] [default] Got a buffer underflow!
gets repeated very fast
Okay, I have deduced that the Buffer Underflows only begin when I have the interface actually showing on my screen, rather than the terminal.
If I start the interface but keep the terminal maximised over it, no Buffer Underflows. As soon as the interface is brought forwards, boom - all the buffer underlows flood the terminal.
Danfox Davies
Nov 10 2016 11:11
Also, if I stay still and do not interact with the world at all, I am fine. As soon as I try to click on anything or move at all, I start getting very frequent disconnects and reconnects, in which the other avatars and objects in front of me disappear and then are redrawn, with an accompanying playback of the 'connected' sound.
As in, every 5-10 seconds or more often
The above problems happened on a couple of the welcome areas
I'm now trying just Localhost, which appears to be devoid of anything by default.
Danfox Davies
Nov 10 2016 11:18
Unable to communicate with asset server...
Danfox Davies
Nov 10 2016 11:27
So I managed to stay logged into the welcome area for a bit longer just then, but in the end it all started failing when I enabled sound and the repeated dis/reconnections seemed to be making the graphics go crazy, with objects jiggling about and falling through the ground...
I'm not sure if my experience is showing this to be stable enough to call 'beta'.
But that's just my two pennies worth
Danfox Davies
Nov 10 2016 20:13
[19:54] <danfox-laptop> help please - my interface client keeps dropping its connection every few seconds
[19:56] <danfox-laptop> I've no idea why but it won't let me do anything in the Welcome area without everything suddenly disappearing and all the other avatars shrinking away
[19:56] <danfox-laptop> repeatedly
[20:08] <danfox-laptop> ...what are the data requirements of connecting to a remote HiFi instance, such as the Welcome centre? How many MBits per second and how much data allowance would be needed?
[20:12] <danfox-laptop> I ask because we might have hit our data limit today and I need to know how