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Nov 2016
Nov 30 2016 05:43
i love how badly my PR got pummeled by code review. sign of a good engineering team :heart:
Michael Fasani
Nov 30 2016 13:02
hey, do I have to submit the W9 form if I am not in the US?
Ryan Huffman
Nov 30 2016 16:16
Michael - Just sent you a PM. You should be good to go now.
Anthony Thibault
Nov 30 2016 17:45
@Polyrhythm we have a hacked copy of jasmine, for JS unit testing that can work within an interface script. see scripts/developer/tests/avatarunitTests.js
It's not that hacked, just customized so that it works with our cough non-standard-js isms
Nov 30 2016 20:15
@hyperlogic thanks yeah, i used that for my unit test for one of my PRs. seemed to work alright, but it would be nice to have some kind of automated thing that runs all the unit tests in one go
as it is i highly doubt a QA person will be motivated enough to go through each JS unit test in-world when somebody pushes changes :)