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Dec 2016
Rob Kayson
Dec 22 2016 14:00
Thank you so much. I built Interface successfully!
Rob Kayson
Dec 22 2016 14:05
Unfortunately, I can't run it :) When I debug in VS2013 I get an error:
Access Denied
I thought it had to do with Norton Anti Virus, but disabling hasn't fixed the problem.
Rob Kayson
Dec 22 2016 14:32
Also, when running interface.exe, I get a degub error:

Module: 5.6.2
File: global\qglobal.cpp
Line: 3018

ASSERT: "_desktop" in file
hifi\libraries\ui\src\OffsreenUi.cpp, line 507

_desktop is NULL at the breakpoint when I debug. I'll look closer after work, but in the meantime, and guidance would be amazing. Thanks!