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Jan 2017
Jan 20 2017 03:35
@HeadClot while it's certainly "possible" to build anything in hifi, some things will naturally be a better fit than others
i think if you wanted to just straight up make a game that didn't leverage the social aspect of hifi, you'd be better off with one of the popular game engines. if, however, your idea corresponds tightly to the kind of experience that hifi already offers (like social minigolf) then it is worth the effort to build it in hifi
when you think of all the assets and stuff that it takes to make a complete game, as a solo dev, you probs want to shoot for the platform that has those assets available. a dialog system, event system, models, UI, etc
Christoph Haag
Jan 20 2017 08:09
does anyone know what's the deal with osvr support? it's being rejected again?
this would be the only way to actually use it properly on linux and it seems really low priority...
Benjamin Stanley
Jan 20 2017 14:21
@Polyrhythm - Thanks for the reply. I am just evaluating a bunch of different platforms atm. Ranging from OpenSim, Flight Gear, High Fidelity, etc.