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Mar 2017
Mar 06 2017 15:24
High Fidelity is starting on monitor NR.1 instead of using main display setting
Abhishek Chawla
Mar 06 2017 21:36
Hey @huffman! So this is what I'm getting after getting the latest build (including the suggested fix)
Ryan Huffman
Mar 06 2017 22:04
@abhishekchawla Does that happen consistently?
Abhishek Chawla
Mar 06 2017 22:05
So inside the getinstance method of DebugDraw class, I get a runtime exception while getting the global instance of DebugDraw. As such the getinstance methods return NULL.
@huffman Yes this is happening consistently
Abhishek Chawla
Mar 06 2017 22:11