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Apr 2017
Tiago Andrade
Apr 07 2017 12:04
Hello everyone.
When you are in VR mode, is there anyway to know if the user is using the mouse or the controller?
Apr 07 2017 17:53
is 16000 the higesht value audioLoudness can be ?
I guess its higher then that i just got a value of 17089. anyone know the max?
Melissa Brown
Apr 07 2017 19:43
@amvmoody looking into it
@TagoWill I will find out.
Seth Alves
Apr 07 2017 22:39
@TagoWill I see this in some code:
var pose = Controller.getPoseValue(Controller.Standard.RightHand); if (pose.valid) { ... }
not a great answer, but maybe related?
also check out grab.js
there's code in there that could be re-purposed to notice mouse activity