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May 2017
Dustin Freeman
May 01 2017 18:29
As I'm setting up my hifi build from scratch, I'm finding some issue getting OpenSSL linked correctly; linker errors are reported in networking.lib isn't explicit about install location and environment variables. Anyone have experience with what they should be?
David Rowe
May 01 2017 19:45
On Windows, my OpenSSL install directories are C:\OpenSSL-Win32 and C:\OpenSSL-Win64. (Probably just need the 64-bit one for HiFi.)
No environment variables or path settings.
Dustin Freeman
May 01 2017 21:21
Huh, somehow I downloaded Win32OpenSSL-1_0_2k.exe on April 27, yet I recall clicking on the link in directly.
Ah, looks like 54e4eb5eae364c994a9c92c8b441c90738484a6e updated it from Win32 to Win64. Testing now.
Dustin Freeman
May 01 2017 21:42