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May 2017
Philip Rosedale
May 02 2017 03:52
good to hear, welcome @dustinfreeman
Philip Rosedale
May 02 2017 16:06
If anyone wants to do some design thinking, I'd love to improve model loading experience:
Dustin Freeman
May 02 2017 16:24
@PhilipRosedale I noticed on twitter you were asking about Kinect C++ experience.
This is my jam (I spent time at MS Research, did my thesis doing CV on Kinect). Are you still looking for this? I see that Beta 37 uses Kinect for feetmapping.
Philip Rosedale
May 02 2017 21:57
Yes, @dustinfreeman We are trying to get the Kinect working reasonably well for tracking the body, so that we can offer it as an additional option to be used with out without HMD/Hand Controllers to drive your avatar. We are in the middle of working on it. Probably the biggest problem we have with it is that the tracking of the hands is very unstable. We've seen researchy vids from Microsoft of really amazing hand tracking with it, but possibly that is not code that is available in the standard SDK for the Kinect 2?