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May 2017
Don Hopkins
May 06 2017 01:41
I have build the interface on windows, and I am able to connect to the welcome world, but not to my local interface. It says "protocol version mismatch" when trying to run the interface client I built against the assignment-client or domain-server from the latest beta binary distribution.
What executable should I run to run the local sandbox?
And should I run the one I built instead of the one from the one from the binary distribution? Are there any command line arguments I need to pass it or do I have to run it in the right directory for it to find its files?
David Rowe
May 06 2017 02:42
The current "release" build which you download from will work with current "welcome" etc. places.
Your own builds from the latest master branch code - which may have different protocol version to latest "release" build - will work with "dev" builds which you can download from There's also "dev" versions of some places, e.g., "dev-welcome".