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May 2017
Philip Rosedale
May 15 2017 16:17
@MrRoboman Nope - we were designing around the idea that a 'near grab' would always be exactly as grabbed relative to the hand. What is the use case you are thinking?
Rob Kayson
May 15 2017 16:25
@PhilipRosedale rotating the throwing dart to a natural orientation when grabbed. Though, the travel-oriented action will correct the rotation on release. It might make us look like more skilled throwers to throw it at an awkward orientation and have it correct. :)
Philip Rosedale
May 15 2017 16:30
Ah - good point! Yes, that's a good point about a dart. The behavior of a real dart is to 'line up' behind the direction of travel at release, with angular velocity essentially removed. Perhaps what you want to try first is an entity script that does just that - on release of the dart, set angular velocity to zero... so that it doesn't 'topple' at all in flight. That might be a good first point. Having tried rec room (which lines the dart up with a specific orientation no matter how you grab it), I didn't like the effect. I think that different people want to hold darts differently, so it might be better to let a person grab the dart, adjust it with the other hand, and do it that way.