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May 2017
Seth Alves
May 18 2017 03:09 UTC
@MrRoboman you're not the first to complain of that. There's probably a constant in handControllerGrab.js that controls this.
Philip Rosedale
May 18 2017 13:20 UTC
@amvmoody I'm not sure how the various UI elements work. But yes, I want some sort of a list of prior choices that we can choose from.
Rob Kayson
May 18 2017 18:49 UTC
Thanks @sethalves . Another quick question. I'm trying to parent a dart to the entity that it collides with so that it sticks. I want to keep the entity dynamic so that you can far grab, near grab, throw again. However, if I keep it dynamic when parented its position changes to about 200 meters away. Sometimes it stays there sometimes it blinks back and forth to the two positions. If I make it static, it seems to solve the problem, but then grabbing and rethrowing becomes an issue. Any wisdom on this would be greatly appreciated.
Rob Kayson
May 18 2017 18:55 UTC
I just tested with a sphere. Created the sphere, intersected it with the ground, made dynamic, set parentID to the ground's id. Position changed! After a second or two. It's not a problem making it static when it collides, but changing it back to dynamic upon grab is tricky.