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May 2017
May 23 2017 22:04
Is there a way to disable the triger selection beams temorarly via a script?
May 23 2017 22:42
I am confused about the installation instructions for the build tools. Does Qt ~> 5.6.2 mean version 5.6.2 or version greater than or equal to 5.6.2?
David Rowe
May 23 2017 22:45
Use Qt 5.6.2. This is what the official builds of Interface are built with and the code doesn't necessarily work with more recent versions.
Philip Rosedale
May 23 2017 23:10
@amvmoody Yes I think @sethalves can advise on how to disable the seek beams. I think it's possible.
May 23 2017 23:29
OK, thanks. Now, if I want to build the Android client on a linux computer, do I want or
Clément Brisset
May 23 2017 23:44
@TheWizardsQuiver the android client is in active development and pretty tricky to build. I don't think the master branch will even compile on Android in its current state.
There is an Android branch on the repo that's being worked from, but it's pretty far behind master at the moment.