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Jun 2017
Neet Bhagat
Jun 15 2017 02:25

Hi All,
I'm planning to buy HTC Vive. It comes with 2 trackers / controllers by default.
I've seen few videos of HiFi where a person armed with more than 2 trackers (almost 6 trackers used, 2 on legs, 2 on chest). Is it necessary ?

Any suggestion on how many tracker we should have? more than 2 ?

Clément Brisset
Jun 15 2017 22:01
Hi @NeetBhagat,
By default, the Vive comes with 2 hand controllers. You can use High Fidelity with just the 2 hand controllers, most people do.
We'll try to animate your body as best we can from your head and hand position.
Vive recently started shipping what they call Vive trackers separately, which we started implementing support for.
This is probably what you've seen. I'm not exactly sure how many we support. I think you can do 2 on the feet, 1 on the hips, one on the torso.
And we've been experimenting we shoulders.
But it's definitely not required.