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Jun 2017
Jun 19 2017 04:43
@cozza13 OK, I get it now. When one makes interface-apk, the codec stuff is ignored.
Jun 19 2017 19:51
@jherico Ive looked into the build errors a bit, QT is expecting Qt5WebEngine durning the cmake and make commands. its basicly ignoring the -DSERVER_ONLY=TRUE
Rob Kayson
Jun 19 2017 20:28
Hey I'm getting an unhandled exception when I try to debug my local interface
Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFE412FFDC0 (hifiCodec.dll) in interface.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation executing location 0x00007FFE412FFDC0
It breaks on line 511 of InboundAudioStream.cpp
Anyone know what the dealio is?
Rob Kayson
Jun 19 2017 22:52
Okay, so I deleted my local repository, restarted my computer and cloned a new hifi repository. Now when I build I get 'Unable to start program build\x64\release\ALL_BUILD' Access is denied.
Anyone run into this ever?
Oh nevermind. Gotta set interface as setup project
Rob Kayson
Jun 19 2017 23:02
Okay! Seems my issues have been resolved :smile: