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Jul 2017
Jeffrey Hiebert
Jul 05 2017 19:20
Asking again as it's been a few days: For bug #21402 I have a couple of solution options. I can add a handler to the sit script for onLoadComplete that sets up the sit animation again to work around the problem in the animation code with switching the avatar and then restoring overloaded anim roles. This addresses bug #21402, but doesn't address the underlying issue in the animation system. I could address the animation system issue, either by restoring the role animations via a different method (creating new anim nodes instead of replacing old anim nodes) or by changing the anim tree reinit process to attempt to preserve animation role overloads. I just need to know which solution you'd like me to do.
Philip Rosedale
Jul 05 2017 20:32
@hyperlogic Do you have a perspective on @JeffHiebert_GP_twitter Question above?
Melissa Brown
Jul 05 2017 22:48
@armads we discussed that prior to putting up the worklist and decided that since someone has to manually switch to third person, it might be irritating to them to get restarted in 1st so it's OK for it to reload settings for third person when restarted but we would actively need to prevent it from starting in mirror mode if they left that way and tutorial will be set to never launch in mirror mode as well.