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Jul 2017
Jul 11 2017 01:14
hey all, there's a worklist job for "Add a scale slider for avatar size". It states "The value range should be not be given in exact scale multiples because domains can set their own min/max". I'm unsure how one could query such information from the current domain.
oops will double post, gues should be in worklist
Gian Colombi
Jul 11 2017 16:23
Hello everyone, I've recently purchased a place on High Fidelity and would like to move the domain-server from my personal computer to a dedicated server. Would anyone have any tips on min specs for running the place, could I get away with a couple of Raspberry Pi's hooked up to a static IP? Maybe AWS? I would appreciate any help on this, could not find anything on the docs regarding this.
Seth Alves
Jul 11 2017 17:31
@giancolo1192 I run hifi://eschatology/ on a digital ocean droplet with these specs: 2 GB Memory / 30 GB Disk / SFO1 - Ubuntu 16.04 x64
I used to run it on the next size smaller, and that generally worked, but 3 or 4 people could blow the audio-mixer
Gian Colombi
Jul 11 2017 18:43
@sethalves thank you for your help, that's really good to know! Cheers man, really appreciate your help, will stop by hifi://eschatology/ to visit
Corey Evans
Jul 11 2017 19:36
Good afternoon Hifliers, I'm looking for a simple example on how to implement constraints, specifically the hinge. I have seen @menithal's door example from the MP, is there another example that is dead simple to get the hang of it? thanks
@giancolo1192 here's a walkthrough I posted for AWS windows stack. Concurrency up to 5 should be ok, again its the audio mixer that takes the most guts.
Seth Alves
Jul 11 2017 19:49
@whyroc I don't have a good write-up yet, but maybe you can clean what you need from
actually that's not a great way to learn
that has a bunch of constraint examples in it
Corey Evans
Jul 11 2017 20:36
super, thanks this will help tons @sethalves
Cain Kilgore
Jul 11 2017 20:55
Hey guys - is there a reason why .valueChanged from a preference wouldn't run?