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Aug 2017
Christoph Haag
Aug 04 2017 13:22
is anyone at hifi at all interested in getting it to work with VR on linux?
Seth Alves
Aug 04 2017 14:29
I'm interested, certainly
but I haven't tried
@Triplelexx are they "avatar entities" ?
when you create them, you use Entities.addEntity({...}, true); ?
as they are currently implemented, they don't follow along with the avatar unless they are a child of an avatar joint
so, if you rez an avatar entity at <50, 50, 50> and it's not a child, and then go to a new domain, that entity will show up at <50, 50, 50> in the new domain
and your avatar is unlikely to be in the same coordinates in both domains
there's been some talk about having them keep a relative offset from the avatar, even if they aren't children, but I don't think anyone has done it
Christoph Haag
Aug 04 2017 14:53
there is nothing really to try at the moment. there was the pull request for osvr that was rejected for apparently no real reason and then I tried enabling openvr support but something related to qt threading needs to be changed highfidelity/hifi#10098
Seth Alves
Aug 04 2017 17:55
which PR was rejected?
Aug 04 2017 18:04
@sethalves I got around the issue I think now, waiting for feedback. Thanks for the info.