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Sep 2017
Matti Lahtinen
Sep 16 2017 20:16

been trying to figure out how to build the hifi servers on my debian server machine. Keep getting a

"CMake Error at cmake/macros/SetupQt.cmake:69 (message):
Unable to locate Qt cmake config in"

My Google fu hasnt resulted in any results recently

(specifically, after running "cmake -DQT_CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/local/Qt5.6.1/5.6/gcc_64/lib/cmake ..")
oh it is a hifi cmake thingy, hmm. need to dig in further then
Matti Lahtinen
Sep 16 2017 20:22
odd, the path should exist, but cmake cannot find it x.x
Matti Lahtinen
Sep 16 2017 20:29
fixed it by exporting it manually.
In anycase, debian build also requires addition of zlib1g-dev. Not sure if that is included with ubuntu