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Nov 2017
Nov 01 2017 17:56
Hi All
I am new in HighFidelity
please help me to know, from where to start from.
Clément Brisset
Nov 01 2017 18:34
Hi @raosrinu2004, if you are looking to build the codebase and contribute, then the build guide is a good place to start.
If you want to use and make things inside High Fidelity as a content creator, the the forum is probably a better place to get started than here.
Christoph Haag
Nov 01 2017 19:12
is the ingame tablet almost unusable with vive controllers since RELEASE-7360 for others too?
barely registers touches, bounces to the right when trying to scroll left in the "go to" list, etc.
Melissa Brown
Nov 01 2017 21:12
@raosrinu2004 if you'd like to be an external developer for us, the getting started instructions are here: and