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Dec 2017
Dec 15 2017 16:49
I may have a bug. When I give something a joint index of lefthand or righthand, and set myself as parent, it uparents me
Dec 15 2017 18:59
Hi @jetbond, I looked into that. I thought it was a bug too when I reproduced it , but one of our devs let me know it's by design
"the grab script will unhook children of the hand if it's not in a state that would expect to have a hand-child"
"it could be changed. it's like that in case the script crashes
people find it pretty annoying if something is stuck to their hand and they can't let go of it"
What are you trying to do exactly?
Dec 15 2017 21:07
just programatically attach something to my hand without grabbing it in vr
i've been using the "...handmiddle1" joint for now