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Jan 2018
Melissa Brown
Jan 15 2018 19:56
looking for someone to do an A-Frame to High Fidelity import
Jan 15 2018 20:05
I can try, although I have no idea what is 'A-Frame' at the moment :)
so if this is something urgent/critical - I'm probably not the best candidate
oh, looks like this is nothing more than just parsing xhtml and re-packing into hifi format, right?
not a rocket science then
Joshua Chamberlain
Jan 15 2018 21:17
That's funny I was just wondering the other day if anyone uses A-Frame...
Jan 15 2018 21:17
@ElderOrb that's pretty much the gist
Christoph Haag
Jan 15 2018 21:21
well, that would make hifi the first vr capable aframe viewer on linux