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Jun 2018
Stephen Birarda
Jun 14 2018 22:15
Wanted to post an update on some upcoming changes to the repository - I'll copy what I wrote on the forum

I'd like to announce some changes that will coincide with the next stable release.


We are changing to a semantic version system and will no longer use the 4 digit build numbers for stable releases.

The next release will be 0.69.0. The next release after that will be 0.70.0. Should 0.69.0 require a hotfix, it will be 0.69.1.

You will see these new version numbers across Interface & Sandbox wherever they are currently displayed (protocol mismatch, about menu, application title bar, update window, etc.)

Nightly builds will still use the 4 digit build numbers, but additionally have the abbreviated git SHA for the commit that they are built from.

For Developers: Git Branch

When 0.69.0 is released, the highfidelity/hifi repository will no longer have a stable branch.

Instead, we will be using release tags to identify the latest stable release.

Currently the repository has release tags for all releases, including master builds. When 0.69.0 is released the old master release tags will be removed and only one tag for the 0.69.0 stable release will be present.

When 0.69.0 is released, to retrieve the latest stable code in the repository you will need to checkout the latest release instead of checking out the stable branch. You may need to update any scripts that currently rely on checking out the stable branch to access the latest release.

It is unfortunate that the new method to identify the latest stable release in git is slightly more complicated. This change is required because keeping the stable branch with our updated release flow would require constant re-writing of the history of that branch.