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Jun 2018
Christoph Haag
Jun 25 2018 21:41
what do the branch names mean? I'm guessing RC68.1 is the current stable version and 0.69.0-rc and 0.69.0-rc-base are release candidates that can not connect to current stable domains?
the naming scheme could use a post in the announcements section of the forums
Clément Brisset
Jun 25 2018 22:50
@ChristophHaag 0.69.0-rc is the actual code for the RC, 0.69.0-rc-base is just a branch we use to have a meaningful PR where we ca see all the changes from that RC and post builds to QA test. The -base branch are basically made where the last RC branched off master.
When 0.69.0 rolls out we'll be deleting all the current releases (tags) on Github. From now on, only RCs will get a tag.
After the RC is approved, the PR we used for testing will be closed and the -rc and -rc-base branches will be deleted.
Only the tag will remain.
(RC68.1 still uses the old process)