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Repo info
    How can i sent single value to specific devide?
    for example to first channel value 80 and to second dynamic value from 0 to 255?
    hiroyuki hori - horristic
    please use sendDMX function.
    the parameter is pointer of unsinged char. So please allocate array which has 2 elements and put 80 into first box.
    And change dinamically 0 - 255 int 2nd box.
    Hello @hiroyuki it would be great to be able to use a vector or map of ofxArtnet. Thanks for the great addon!
    Joshua Batty
    Hi @hiroyuki i've been trying for past week with no success to get ofxArtnet to send over into Capture Argo. My question is... is it possible to send artnet to the localhost without the need for an artnet device connected to the computer? am able to do this with the program Vezer (http://www.vezerapp.hu/) which sends artnet values internally which is picked up by Capture Argo so know it's possible but can't seem to get your addon to work like this. Do you have any suggestions or ideas on getting ofxArtnet to work like this? Cheers.
    Hey How does one just send an ordinary value to a Artnet channel?
    hiroyuki hori - horristic
    @iantech What do you mean "ordinary value" ?