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pixijs / pixi.js

Super fast HTML 5 2D rendering engine that uses webGL with canvas fallback

javascript super fast html 2d rendering

acron0 / phaser

Phaser is a fun, free and fast 2D game framework for making HTML5 games for desktop and mobile web browsers, supporting Canvas and WebGL rendering.

javascript phaser fun free fast 2d

FictionIO / ofxArtboard

Openframeworks Addon for creating photoshop like 2d artboard

c openframeworks addon creating photoshop 2d

e2d / e2d

A ES5 declarative canvas Renderer.

e2d canvas declarative 2d

InfiniteFoundation / meta2d

Meta is free and fast open source HTML5 game engine for making cross platform games, supports Canvas and WebGL rendering and Dopple for native compilation.

javascript engine editor html5 2d gamedev games

jastice / boxes-and-bubbles

A simple-as-possible 2D physics rigid-body physics engine for Elm.

elm simple-as-possible 2d physics rigid-body engine

fablab-ka / OpenSCAD2D

OpenSCAD2D is a software for creating solid 2D CAD objects.

python openscad2d software creating solid 2d

AlexeyRyabichev / MapBuilder

Программа, считывающяя данные с датчика "есть ли тут что-нибудь", строящая 2D карту


carmon / crossfailure

CrossFailure is a 2D game framework built with OpenFL and Haxe that delivers cross platform games.

haxe crossfailure 2d game framework built