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Artificial General Intelligence / Lobby

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) or Strong AI is the intelligence of a machine that could successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being can.

artificial general intelligence super strong ai agi asi rsi

machine-learning-for-dummies / GDG-Bologna

Come giovani Luke Skywalker, nell'arco di questa trilogia, verrete iniziati alla via della Forza del Machine Learning.

machine-learning python data-science ai data-engineering gdg gdg-bologna

ujh / iomrascalai

iomrascálaí is an AI for the game of Go/Weiqi/Baduk written in Rust

rust ai game written go igo baduk weiqi

readingschool-cs-club / JayI

A simple AI that talks to you and learns from you as you talk to it.

python simple ai talks learns talk

basiux / square - benevolent artificial super intelligence user experience

ai asi artificial super intelligence

winkjs / Lobby

Open Source Machine Learning, NLP & Statistics for NodeJS

wink javascript machine learning nlp ai