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aws / aws-sdk-js

AWS SDK for JavaScript in the browser and Node.js

javascript aws sdk browser nodejs

minio / minio

We moved to - please find us there.

minio golang objectstorage aws cloud storage devops

dev-ua / devops

DevOps for Developers and Ops people. FAQ:

devops docker ansible chef aws mesos Ukraine ukrainian russian belorussian Eastern Europe

aws / aws-sdk-java

The official AWS SDK for Java.

java official mirror aws sdk information

aws / aws-sdk-php

Official repository of the AWS SDK for PHP.

php official repository aws sdk

aws / aws-sdk-core-ruby

Please join instead.

ruby core functionality aws sdk v2

mentum / lambdaws

Deploy, run and get results from Amazon AWS Lambda in a breeze

javascript deploy run results amazon aws

CulturalMe / meteor-slingshot

Upload files directly to AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage and others in meteor

javascript upload files directly aws s3

justeat / JustSaying

A light-weight message bus on top of AWS services (SNS and SQS).

light-weight message bus top aws services

vandium-io / vandium

Feedback, ideas, questions, answers on vandium or if you just need some help with AWS lambda. Visit us at

lambda aws nodejs javascript

sportarchive / CloudProcessingEngine

Open source stack using AWS services to dispatch Tasks across workers

php open source stack aws services

SydOps / configuration

Configuration environment for amazon AWS and puppet solution.

ruby configuration environment amazon aws puppet

learn-serverless / Lobby

serverless nodejs aws