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DEAP / deap

Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python

python distributed evolutionary algorithms

kandeel / nupic.core

Core algorithms for NuPIC (under construction).

core algorithms nupic construction

openconnectome / AT-synapse-detection

Repository for Array Tomography Synapse Detection Algorithms and Integration

repository array tomography synapse detection algorithms

ankeshanand / acm-icpc-library

Ready to use snippets of frequently used algorithms in Competitive Programming

ready snippets frequently algorithms competitive programming

davidgasquez / tip

Code to prepare traditional technical interviews.

interview algorithms

samdebacker / BioinformaticsAlgorithmsPart1

Excercises of the UCSD Coursera course Bioinformatics Algorithms Part 1 in Scala

scala excercises ucsd coursera bioinformatics algorithms

dajuric / accord-net-extensions

Advanced image processing and computer vision algorithms made as fluent extensions and built for portability

advanced image processing computer vision algorithms