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Maatwebsite / Laravel-Excel

An eloquent way of importing and exporting Excel and CSV files for Laravel with the power of PHPExcel

php eloquent importing exporting excel csv

metasoarous / semantic-csv

High level tools for CSV parsing built on

clojure high level tools csv parsing

w3c / csvw

Documents produced by the CSV on the Web Working Group

html documents produced csv web working

jonahoffline / csv2api

Auto-create json and xml APIs from .csv files. No magic needed!

javascript auto-create json xml apis csv

brockers / csvformfill

A Firefox plugin to copy data from a CSV file into online forms.

javascript firefox plugin copy data csv

jxpx777 / js-csv-parser

An RFC 4180 compliant CSV parsing library written in Javascript.

javascript rfc compliant csv parsing library

willtheorangeguy / Minecraft-Splashes

This is a simple repo of all the current Splashes from Minecraft!

Minecraft csv GitHub willtheorangeguy