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DjangoGirls / tutorial

This is a tutorial we are using for Django Girls workshops

javascript tutorial django girls workshops

djbook-ru / djbookru

It is Django powered site for russian translation of DjangoBook

javascript django powered site russian translation

RaD / djbookru

It is Django powered site for russian translation of DjangoBook

python django powered site russian translation

llazzaro / django-scheduler

A calendar app for Django (inprogress refactor of

python calendar app django inprogress refactor

wronglink / django-rest-framework

Django REST framework makes it easy to build well-connected, self-describing RESTful Web APIs.

python django rest framework makes easy

kmmbvnr / django-jenkins

Plug and play continuous integration with django and jenkins

python plug play continuous integration django

syrusakbary / pyjade

Jade syntax adapter for Django, Jinja2 and Mako templates

python jade syntax adapter django jinja2

qnub / django-boto

Integration Django with Amazon services trough «boto» module (

python integration django amazon services trough

djng / djng

Kick-start your Django and AngularJS based web applications in minutes

python kick-start django angularjs based web

CestDiego / .emacs.d

My Emacs Configuration with support with LaTeX, Django, Matlab and hopefully Iraf.

emacs configuration support latex django matlab

relekang / django-nopassword

Django authentication backend using email confirmation instead of passwords

python django authentication backend email confirmation

foxmask / django-th

Trigger Happy - The bus for your internet services -

python django microservices privacy

hugobrilhante / django-gcm-android-ios

django-gcm-android-ios is a simple Django app to send a message using GCM HTTP connection server protocol.

python simple django app send

satyrius / cmsplugin-feedback

Django CMS simple feedback plugin. A contact form for DjangoCMS

python django cms simple feedback plugin

pinax / pinax-teams

an app for Django sites that supports open, by invitation, and by application teams

python app django sites supports open

amitu / importd

django based mini framework inspired from sinatra. fully compatible with django.

python django based mini framework inspired