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deeplearning4j / deeplearning4j

**PLEASE NOTE: 🚨**This is not an all-purpose hotline for deep learning, and we don't have the resources to support DL frameworks other than DL4J. So please focus questions on Deeplearning4j and ND4J. - Room Guidelines: - Ask your question first instead of asking to ask or introducing yourself. - Please get started here:

java distributed clojure scala deeplearning machinelearning platform opensource

scala / scala

A relaxed chat room about all things Scala. Beginner questions welcome. applies

scala programming language

akka / akka

This channel is available for all Akka enthusiasts—newbies as well as gurus—for the exchange of knowledge and the coordination of efforts around Akka. For more info see:

scala akka project public java distributed systems concurrency performance jvm

typelevel / cats

Welcome! Got a question? Do you have -Ypartial-unification turned on? Other FAQs:


sbt / sbt

A relaxed chat room about sbt (That interactive build tool). For getting help on sbt, we encourage people to document it on Stackoverflow or subscribing to Lightbend subscription.

scala sbt build tool

milessabin / shapeless

shapeless: Generic programming for Scala | Latest stable release 2.3.3 | Code of conduct

scala generic programming

Spark with Scala / Lobby

A place to discuss and ask questions about using Scala for Spark programming.

scala spark

lagom / lagom

Reactive Microservices for the JVM

lagom scala java conductr

tpolecat / doobie

Current version is 0.4.4 • Dev tip is 0.5.0-M13

scala principled database access

lampepfl / dotty

Research platform for new language concepts and compiler technologies for Scala.

scala research platform language concepts compiler

scalajp / public

初心者の質問歓迎です。関数型や中上級者向けな話はこちら @scalaeval にコードを投げつけると、評価した結果を返してくれます。 最後に > /dev/null をつけるとtwitterに投稿されません。DDDの部屋もあるよ


gitbucket / gitbucket

A Git platform powered by Scala with easy installation, high extensibility & github API compatibility

scala easily installable github clone powered

akka / dev

This room is dedicated to discussions between Akka committers for coordinating the development process—for general questions and discussions around the usage of Akka please head over to akka/akka. For more info see:

room dedicated discussions akka committers coordinating scala java concurrency reactive

scalameta / scalameta

General discussions about Scalameta for users and contributors alike

scala simple robust portable metaprogramming toolkit

monix / monix

Asynchronous, Reactive Programming for Scala and Scala.js

scala reactive programming scalajs

ensime / ensime-emacs

Emacs users and developers of ENSIME. Please read

scala emacs ensime

ensime / ensime-server

Developer chat for For help, please use the relevant chat room for your editor.

scala enhanced interaction mode text editors

kamon-io / Kamon

The Open Source tool for monitoring applications running on the JVM

scala reactive applications monitoring

geotrellis / geotrellis

GeoTrellis is a geographic data processing engine for high performance applications.

scala geotrellis geographic data processing engine

typelevel / scala

Typelevel Scala compiler development and discussion | Latest release TLS 4 for 2.11.11, 2.12.3 and 2.13.0-M2 | Code of conduct

scala typelevel fork

mohiva / play-silhouette

Silhouette is an authentication library for Play Framework applications that supports several authentication methods, including OAuth1, OAuth2, OpenID, Credentials or custom authentication schemes.

scala silhouette authentication library play framework

bigdatagenomics / adam

A genomics processing engine and specialized file format built using Apache Avro, Apache Spark and Parquet. Apache 2 licensed.

scala genomics processing engine specialized file

twitter / finatra

Fast, testable Scala services:

scala fast testable services

fpinscala / fpinscala

Talk about code, exercises, and answers, for the book "Functional Programming in Scala"

scala code exercises answers hints book

spray / spray

A suite of scala libraries for building and consuming RESTful web services on top of Akka: lightweight, asynchronous, non-blocking, actor-based, testable

scala suite libraries building consuming restful

scala-android / sbt-android

An easy-to-use sbt plugin for working with all Android projects

scala easy-to-use sbt plugin working android

julien-truffaut / Monocle

Optics library for Scala:

scala optics library

scodec / scodec

Scala combinator library for working with binary data

scala combinator library working binary data

non / spire

Powerful new number types and numeric abstractions for Scala.

scala powerful number types numeric abstractions

scalatra / scalatra

Tiny Scala high-performance, async web framework, inspired by Sinatra

scala tiny high-performance async web framework

propensive / scalaworld

Scala World, 16-20 September 2017, Rheged Centre, Lake District, UK

scala world 20-22 september lake district

scala / slip

THIS ROOM IS NOW CLOSED. use scala/contributors, scala/center, and

scala library improvement process documents work

lihaoyi / scalatags

ScalaTags is a small XML/HTML construction library for Scala.

scala scalatags small construction library