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pydata / pandas

Flexible and powerful data analysis / manipulation library for Python, providing labeled data structures similar to R data.frame objects, statistical functions, and much more

python flexible powerful data analysis manipulation data science

scikit-learn / scikit-learn

scikit-learn: machine learning in Python. Please feel free to ask specific questions about scikit-learn. Please try to keep the discussion focused on scikit-learn usage and immediately related open source projects from the Python ecosystem.

c scikit-learn machine learning python data science

BVLC / caffe

Caffe: a fast framework for deep learning. For the most recent version checkout the dev branch. For the latest stable release checkout the master branch.

caffe fast framework deep learning recent data science

h2oai / h2o-3

Fast Scalable Machine Learning API For Smarter Applications

java fast scalable machine learning api data science

numenta / public

Home of biologically-constrained machine intelligence research and technology.

public numenta chat nupic dev data science htm AI cortical computing

data-8 / datascience

A Python library for introductory data science

data science

dev-ua / ai-ml-ds

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science chat FAQ

data science

nicholas-leonard / dp

A deep learning library for streamlining research and development using the Torch7 distribution.

lua deep learning library streamlining research data science

openworm / PyOpenWorm

Unified, simple data access library for data & facts about C. elegans anatomy

python unified simple data access library data science

LxOpenDataMeetup / Advanced-track

LxOpenDataMeetup - Discussion and exchanging ideas on Machine Learning, Open Data and Data Science

possibly machine learning meetup main repository data science

SwissDataScienceCenter / renku

A platform for repoducible, reusable and shareable data science

data science reproducibility cwl open science

Rlovers / Lobby

Feel free to come and discuss about R script / package / issues / stats

statistics R Rstudio data science

zeta-learn / community

zeta-learn is a minimalistic python machine learning library designed to deliver fast and easy model prototyping.

data science python numpy deep learning AI machine learning RNN CNN matplotlib