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vce_coders / Lobby

Learn | Code | Share | Help | Discuss | Collaborate | Participate | Compete | Build Stuff | Solve Problems | Create Value | Leave a lasting Impact | | | | | | Notifications Room:

Code vce_coders build share discuss help

andrew / BristolHack

Share and discuss your ideas for

share discuss ideas

Learnosity / Support

This is a public chat room to discuss Learnosity open source services. Please do not post anything you want to remain private.

public chat room discuss learnosity open

Learnosity / learnosity-demos

This is a public chat room to discuss the Learnosity Demos site

php public chat room discuss learnosity

PopulateTools /

Discuss with order, reach conclusions faster, and take decisions

ruby discuss order reach conclusions faster

PaLTree / notepad-lang-specification

The Specification of Notepad Language. Please discuss the syntax etc about notepad-lang on this repo.

specification notepad language discuss syntax notepad-lang

RandPaul / Wish-List

A wish list for this organization, open an Issue to discuss what we can add.

list organization open issue discuss add

jsunconf / questions

Nothing to see here. Please discuss all further questions here:

discuss questions

kellyirc / kurea

an irc bot framework - discuss with us in!

coffeescript irc bot framework discuss