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mstksg / auto

Haskell DSL and platform providing denotational, compositional api for discrete-step, locally stateful, interactive programs, games & automations.

haskell dsl platform providing denotational compositional

stevenjack / cfndsl

A DSL for generating Amazon Web Services CloudFormation templates.

ruby dsl generating amazon web services

ajtulloch / dnngraph

A DSL for deep neural networks, supporting Caffe and Torch

haskell dsl deep neural networks supporting

wix / specs2-jmock

This is a specs2 adapter + DSL for using the popular mocking framework JMock

scala specs2 adapter dsl popular mocking

hadisaloko / tirexs

An Elixir based DSL for managing the ElasticSearch related stuff, such as indexes, scoped queries and so on.

elixir based dsl managing elasticsearch related

tdantas / Joke

Joke internal DSL based on RAKE #irresponsibleruby

ruby joke internal dsl based rake

adie / heimdallr-resource

Extension to Heimdallr exposing it's DSL to CanCan-like controllers security

ruby extension heimdallr exposing dsl cancan-like