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ConsenSys / truffle

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coffeescript development framework ethereum

ethereum / web3.js

Ethereum node JavaScript API -

javascript ethereum compatible api

ethereum / aleth

Ethereum C++ implementation

c++ ethereum AlethOne eth

ethereum / ethereumj

Java implementation of the Ethereum protocol

java ethereum pure implementation

iurimatias / embark-framework

Framework for Ethereum DApps (channel moved to )

javascript framework ethereum dapps

Nethermind / nethermind

Nethermind is a full .NET Core client implementation for Ethereum network running on Windows, Linux and Mac (

ethereum C# blockchain

Drops of Diamond / Lobby

A WIP implementation of sharding in Rust. This room is for general discussion, while [the Development room]( is for development discussion.

ethereum sharding rust blockchain data-availability

Drops of Diamond / Development

For discussion about development of Drops of Diamond: a sharding implementation to scale Ethereum on-chain with the fast, safe and productive Rust programming language.

Rust ethereum sharding development

etherex / pyepm

Python-based EPM (Ethereum Package Manager) for Serpent 2 and Solidity contract deployment using YAML for package definitions.

python python-based epm ethereum package manager

Coinformant / Lobby's Cryptocurrency listing related discussions, FAQs, and suggestions.

cryptocurrency blockchain bitcoin ethereum crypto investing Coinformant updates