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nem0 / LumixEngine

The truth is in the code. Bikeshedding room, Alan is with the people. 10 out of 11 dentists recommend Loomikz, fuck that contribution

c++ gamedev game engine 3d physx

d-gamedev-team / gfm

D gamedev toolkit. 3D maths, language-friendly wrappers, stb_image port., etc...

d gamedev toolkit 3d maths language-friendly

InfiniteFoundation / meta2d

Meta is free and fast open source HTML5 game engine for making cross platform games, supports Canvas and WebGL rendering and Dopple for native compilation.

javascript engine editor html5 2d gamedev games

jam-2016-remake / Lobby

About porting "KiKi - The Sacrifice" game to Android, Window and Linux.

gamedev ggj2016 porting andriod godot

Helm / Lobby

Ask questions about the Helm game engine, or share your creations and meet other creators

haskell games gamedev frp elm functional programming game

DanDev / Engine

An open source engine based on the ROBLOX API for standalone games.

roblox gamedev dengine game engine lua c#

rustinvaders / Lobby

Development of a simple 3D Space Invaders-like game written in Rust

rust 3d gamedev kiss3d