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solid / node-solid-server

Linked Data Platform server based on rdflib.js and node.js

javascript linked data platform server based

hackers4peace / plp-docs

merging `plp-provider` and `webprofiled`, but first making beautiful maps and timelines

portable linked profiles documentation

innoq / led_query

Ruby API for accessing the Linked Environment Data triplestore

ruby api accessing linked environment data

BlackDice / lill

Lightweight linked list implementation with small memory footprint.

javascript lightweight linked list implementation small

bathtimefish / opendata-hackathon-osakacity-20140222

第3回 Linked Open Data ハッカソン関西 in インターナショナルオープンデイ大阪 アイデアソンで利用したサンプルコード

javascript linked open data