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scikit-learn / scikit-learn

scikit-learn: machine learning in Python. Please feel free to ask specific questions about scikit-learn. Please try to keep the discussion focused on scikit-learn usage and immediately related open source projects from the Python ecosystem.

c scikit-learn machine learning python data science

h2oai / h2o-3

Fast Scalable Machine Learning API For Smarter Applications

java fast scalable machine learning api data science

blei-lab / edward

A library for probabilistic modeling, inference, and criticism.

python tensorflow edward machine learning

mamedev / mame | | irc: freenode #mame

c mame multiple arcade machine emulator

LxOpenDataMeetup / Advanced-track

LxOpenDataMeetup - Discussion and exchanging ideas on Machine Learning, Open Data and Data Science

possibly machine learning meetup main repository data science

shogun-toolbox / shogun

The Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox (Source Code) | messages are being mirrored to our official freenode IRC channel #shogun

shogun machine learning toolbox source code

LxMLS / lxmls-toolkit

Machine Learning applied to Natural Language Processing Toolkit used in the Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School

python machine learning applied natural language

myui / hivemall

Scalable machine learning library for Hive/Hadoop

java scalable machine learning library

ovr / perfect-php-vagrant

Web development Vagrant machine with PHP + Phalcon/Lynx/Zephir, Nginx, Node+Bower/Gulp/Grunt

php web development vagrant machine nginx

iancze / CfAML

Collaborative repository for the Machine Learning Reading group at CfA

python collaborative repository machine learning reading

Mihip / Wct

Wct Editor is machine code editor for numeric system wct with IDE —

wct editor machine code numeric system

pietrobraione / jbse

A symbolic Java virtual machine for program analysis, verification and test generation

java symbolic virtual machine program analysis

everpeace / packer-mesos

Bake your own Mesos( pre-installed virtual machine images.

shell bake pre-installed virtual machine images

mding5692 / catThinkDB

Uses instagram and machine learning to help find lost cats

css instagram machine learning find lost

goodevilgenius / dropbox-shell

A BASH script to run scripts/programs on a remote machine via Dropbox.

shell bash script run remote machine

cureos / accord

Machine learning, computer vision, statistics and general scientific computing for .NET

machine learning computer vision statistics general